Release Notes

Versions are formatted X.X.X

  • X.X.X are bug fixes and patches
  • X.X.X indicates improvements to existing functionality
  • X.X.X indicates new features and/or changes that may not be backwards compatible

Release date indicates the date the public Webship Online server received that update. 

Updates are usually released between 9 and 11 PM. 3PL licensed servers are typically updated the following day.


  • Fixed a bug in Shopify’s order status push.
  • Record Woocommerce’s status 202 response as an issue.


  • The order sync for all e-commerce platforms gets orders changed in the last 4 hours instead of the last 2 hours.
  • Display errors encountered during an order sync as issues on the shop view.


  • Fixed an issue with the Woocommerce order sync


  • Woocommerce order sync will now get orders changed in the last 2 hours instead of getting orders created in the last 2 hours
  • Webship Online will now only import (partial) orders from Shopify assigned to a specific location
  • Webship Online will now use parcel contents to send more accurate shipments/fulfilments to and Shopify
  • Fixed the ability to cancel a shop data transfer
  • Other minor e-commerce connection fixes


  • Various fixes to the inventory & reservation system
  • Fixed an issue where the pagination for orders and purchase orders would not show orders sent around 1 month ago
  • Added a “Shipments per weight class” section to the expenses report
  • Added shipments per weight class to the API
  • Small fixes to the API documentation


  • Fixed problem with bolcom shipment registration


  • Fixed the scan sound effects
  • Updated bolcom api version
  • Construct bolcom shipments using the correct data from the parcel contents


  • Fixed a rare error when adding parcels without resources


  • Added the ability to change delivery date on product items
  • Added the ability to choose a fraction on product items in the stock correction UI
  • Changes made to product items are now also made on picks for active orders
  • Made it impossible to bypass parcel contents indication when it is mandatory
  • Fixed a bug where stock would be added twice when unpacking a purchase order
  • Various fixes to barcode scanning throughout the application
  • Fine tuned the issue system to show only relevant/recent issues
  • Improved the issue system UI
  • Fixed custom app URL’s in some e-mails
  • Fixed an issue where importing shipping rates would affect the enabled countries
  • Optimized admin view data acquisition from server
  • Lots of other smaller fixes & improvements


  • Fixed an issue when trying to update the order’s status on Shopify


  • Fixed an issue when printing the necessary documents for paper picking


  • Added the ability to add custom text to Webship Online Shipping Labels
  • Added the ability to print customs documents for parcels


  • Fixed an issue when trying to create Sendcloud parcels with products with very long names


  • Better order & product detail performance
  • Show derivatives and their parents as separate order contents on the packing screen


  • More usable error when trying to pack an error that can’t be packed


  • Removed misleading counts from parcel contents & resources
  • Fixed the packing shortcut on order details for orders with packing status
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Indicate automatically calculated weights with a grayed out parcel weight box
  • Filters on the packing view index will now react to eachother
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Use a product’s SKU as fallback for parcel contents description name-less products do not hinder packing
  • Fixed an issue getting shipping methods for parcels with products missing a correct weight
  • Fixed adding parcels to completed orders by editing the order


  • User experience improvements to the packing screen
  • Derivative products without stock will now show the correct SKU/name in parcel contents
  • Fixes to an order’s preferred courier
  • Fixed the fact that one had to confirm unique results in lookup inputs since last version
  • Fixed a typo in the purchase orders unpack e-mail


  • Introduces an all-new packing screen
  • Introduces issues, which notifies users of issues with certain aspects of their account.
  • Fixed problem where too many properties where duplicated when duplicating products, orders and purchase orders
  • Much better scan support with visual and audio feedback
  • Shops have new ‘inc’ and ‘exc’ order filters for arrays and comma seperated string values
  • Products now have fields for hs_code and country_of_origin, orders have a type_of_goods field
  • Fixed an issue where users without warehouse access could delete products with stock in that warehouse
  • Better unit and currency notations based on user locale
  • Better loading speed on index views
  • If a stock type is selected, the suggested picks will be purely based on the delivery or expiry dates of the product items
  • Added a setting to choose which default status orders will have after packing
  • Collapsable product information in the stock management UI (collapsed by default)
  • Better barcode zoom/copy buttons
  • Added more (optional) e-mail notifications (such as purchase order deliveries or products with low stock
  • Orders that have been put on-hold because of low stock, now have a log that mentions the sku’s that triggered the on-hold status.
  • Improved datalist loading speeds

  • API:
    • dev: Added parameters to the clients and suppliers GET endpoints to filter on email/vat
    • dev: Added new properties to products & orders
    • dev: Changed orders parcels property to reflect the new parcel contents property


  • Fixed slow admin shipping rates import
  • Fixed datalist filters flashing when multiple filters are used


  • Fixed a bug where GET endpoints would sometimes result in an error


  • The addressExtension property of orders from a lightspeed shop is now used in the client’s address.


  • Fixed bug that caused too many items to be skipped when fetching them using GET endpoints.

Public API v1 🎉

  • The public api has been enabled for all servers


  • Reset the printing font size after latest Chrome update fixed a bug that caused smaller fonts when printing. (Reverted 4.0.6 fix)


  • The min_order and order_multiples properties of products are no longer used when using a product as an order item for purchase orders


  • Fixed a bug where editing a purchase order would set the order-items’ quantity fields to 1


  • Fixed parcel barcodes on the order detail page


  • Fixed the packing slip barcode
  • Fixed recent orders on the product page
  • Fixed error when parcel weight is empty
  • Show all locations used by a product in the location suggestions until we have a setting for it
  • Fixed not respecting parcel weight settings when creating parcels on the order edit view


  • Better barcode scanner support while
    • digitally picking (for locations and products)
    • packing orders (for products and orders)
    • unpacking purchase orders (for products)
  • Added a product filter to the packing view
  • Added shipping labels for custom shipping methods
  • Better highlighting of missing shipping prices on shipping methods
  • Added the option to respect the `exactDeliveryDate` field on orders
  • Improved theme support for 3PL servers
  • Improved e-mail layout
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed issue where users that aren’t allowed to manage inventory, couldn’t update products with stock.


  • Fixed an issue when trying to add a user


  • Fixed printing font size after Chrome error broke it
  • Allowed more orders in a single FTP import


  • Fixed importing purchase orders
  • Added the Canary Islands to the country options


  • Fixed FTP order export
  • Fixed the fact that duplicating an order would also duplicate its parcels
  • Fixed updating resources


  • Fixed adding parcels to completed orders


  • Fixed moving all inventory on a location


  • Fixed remote FTP orders synchronisation
  • Fixed orders synchronisation

4.0.0 (alpha release)

  • Ground work for the public API
  • Added warehouse users which allows for more precise decisions on who can view and/or manipulate warehouse inventory, pick orders, unpack purchase orders…
  • Fixed an issue where manually picking on the orders edit view would run into errors


  • Hotfix: wait until all necessary product data is loaded when rendering the unpack view


  • Hotfix: fixed an issue where not all product items of the same product would be moved when moving all warehouse location contents to another location


  • Hotfix: save the warehouse usage for new companies


  • Hotfix: allow a wider range of delimiters when checking the required fields of a csv file


  • Orders with a scheduled date now always require an on-hold status
  • Fixed a bug where locations would be suggested after using them when unpacking a purchase order
  • Fixed idle stock report date ranges
  • Fixed a potential duplicate order number bug
  • Fixed the image lightbox function on products edit view
  • Keep warehouse usage for company and its’ underlying brands separated instead of calculating the combined usage
  • The “Used locations” report now displays the location-type and the products’ ABC-labels
  • Fixed picking slips for picks without a location
  • Import templates are now available for download within the application
  • Added warehouse zone indicator to first location range
  • A Webship Online order will now be cancelled when its related Shopify order was cancelled with or without a refund
  • Disabling the Sendcloud addon will now correctly remove all related shipping methods
  • Added the ability to proceed importing ignoring rows with errors
  • Better login error messages
  • Better client and supplier auto-numbering when user has entered a custom client or supplier number
  • Packing view: removing preferred courier A and then selecting courier B no longer results in a warning
  • Better country validation/translation
  • Packing slip should now show the company logo again
  • Fixed a caching issue on reports views


  • Hotfix: supply province/state to Sendcloud when shipping to US, CA and IT


  • Hotfix: fixed erroneously shown double-check-pick-quantities error


  • Hotfix: fixed billing report issues in week 17


  • Hotfix: fixed Lightspeed orders house numbers


  • Hotfix: billing report errors


  • Hotfix: bulk vs pick locations


  • Locations Overhaul
  •     New and improved location management UI
  •     The first part of a location now indicates its warehouse zone. Reordering zones influences the picking route through the warehouse.
  •     Locations can now have a type (pallet, shelf, …) which will be used in the billing report
  •     Locations can now have a storage type which will be used to prioritize pick locations over storage locations when suggesting order picks
  •     Locations can now have an ABC tag which will be used in the future to flag when products are taking up the most accessible locations in your warehouse when they shouldn’t
  •     Empty locations will now be suggested based on type when possible
  •     Orders can now be filtered based on which warehouse zone their picks are in
  • Removed the default company selection from the resources dashboard widget
  • Fixed client name/company/contact on shipping labels in some cases
  • Fixed warehouse resource registration when editing parcels on the orders edit view
  • Added ability to set a ready-to-pick order to complete on its detail view
  • Total column is no longer mandatory while importing products. Allowing overwriting only weight, for example.
  • Fixed an error when importing orders with a sent date
  • Better order items UI for completed orders
  • Better product lookups. Improved search results for products with short SKU’s
  • Webship Online will now show more helpful error messages when running into problems while registering order parcels
  • Fixed the shop product data transfer summary to show correct import numbers
  • Fixed an issue where a shop product data transfer would sometimes overwrite product types
  • Added better busy state indication for some of the applications bigger actions
  • Duplicating an order will now inherit the latest client address data from the client instead of from the original order
  • Webship Online will now attempt to get more product information from when transferring product data
  • Duplicate entries in a CSV will now be shown as problems instead of overwriting each other during CSV imports
  • Fixed an issue where Webship Online would sometimes use the wrong shipping method on the packing screen when it was unchanged before registering parcels.
  • Webship Online will now indicate new versions (on the support icon)
  • Webship Online will now also save the product cost when transferring product data from a Shopify store
  • Added the ability to show bio/foodstuff indicators on the products overview
  • Performance improvements to bulk deleting orders, products, clients…
  • The billing report can now be split up per brand and will show warehouse usage per location type instead of location zone
  • Tons of other performance optimisations and smaller fixes


  • Fixed an issue where orders that were cancelled by an e-commerce platform would not free up their stock reservations
Start of X.X.X versioning system


  • Fixed an issue where orders that were created manually as on-hold would not reserve stock
  • Fixed an issue where on-hold orders without backorder items would get set to ready-to-pick automatically


  • Fixed an issue concerning status updates to lightspeed orders
  • Fixed an issue where the slider on the packing screen would get stuck on touch devices
  • Fixed the fact that merging address lines on the packing screen would not get saved to the order


  • Webship Online is now a Progressive Web App (PWA) which will allow you to install it on your computer or mobile device to gain some added functionality, improved performance and an overall better user experience. Steps needed to install it will differ depending on the browser you use and is not available in Safari.
  • Webship Online has also undergone a thorough performance audit which resulted in a faster, smaller and generally better code-base.
  • Added a better Help & Support menu with useful links
  • Buttons on detail views have been reworked. Changing an orders’ status has been moved to the status tag, splitting orders can now be done directly from the order items section.
  • CSV Imports will now show the effect they will have on your data before actually importing
  • CSV orders import will now allow a scheduled field
  • Changed to a more tolerant shipping method import procedure
  • Added the ability to export a single order and purchase order from detail view
  • Implemented better address validation on the packing view
  • Selections on index views will now carry over across pages
  • Webship Online will no longer allow multiple API connections to the same e-commerce store
  • Notifications will now be translated according to the reader’s language
  • Added improvements to the notification drawer
  • Added delete confirmation pop-ups to all bulk delete actions
  • Switched to latest Shopify API version
  • Fixes an issue where it was possible to unpack purchase orders without specifying a location
  • Fixes an issue where Webship Online would not read a Shopify Customer’s phone number
  • Fixes an issue where SendCloud would show a cached error message, even after rectifying the problem
  • Fixes an issue where disabling countries on shipping methods would sometimes not save correctly
  • Fixes order weight calculation for orders with compositions and/or derivatives
  • Fixes an issue where data transfers would get stuck, preventing periodic order sync
  • Fixes and performance improvements to the stock reservation system
  • Lots of other fixes and (performance) improvements


  • Fixed moderator permissions for shipping method bulk edit capabilities


  • Fix for the Google Chrome update that resulted in extra pages being printed every time


  • Fixed a rare case where the product data pull would disable a link to the e-commerce platform


  • Changed barcode parameter separator from “:” to “|” for broader barcode scanner manufacturer support


  • Fixed showing errors during a purchase order import
  • Fixed adding parcels to completed orders from the orders edit view


  • Fixed an error where the FTP order export addon would not export any orders


  • Fixed adding parcels to orders from the parcel edit view
  • Fixed an issue that got in the way of communication with


  • Upgrade to API v7
  • The remote FTP order import will now import orders every half hour instead of every hour. (Once at 25 minutes and once at 55 minutes past the hour)
  • The remote FTP order export feature will now export orders for the last 48 hours instead of the last 24
  • Introduces a new setting to choose the default weight of new parcels on the packing view. Possible options are:
    • no weight
    • 1kg
    • let Webship Online attempt a weight calculation based on the order contents
  • The Settings > Shipping methods view got a complete overhaul in order to perform much better and make managing shipping methods much easier
  • A shipping method’s sender_address_id is now editable
  • New shipping methods that are imported from Sendcloud are now disabled for all shops by default
  • The preferred shipping method on orders has been replaced by a preferred courier setting.
  • Index views for orders, purchase orders, products, clients and suppliers have been completely re-written to display data much faster and be usable while loading data
  • Imports for orders, purchase orders, products, clients and suppliers will now show a more comprehensive import report after import and import assets faster.
  • It’s no longer possible to choose specific picks for concept orders as concept orders do not reserve stock and there is no guarantee that that stock is still there when the order reaches a ready-to-pick status
  • It’s now possible to mark products as BIO and/or foodstuffs
  • The “Most sold products” report will now list the top 100 instead of the top 50 most sold products
  • The “Idle stock” report has been corrected and an option to take purchase orders into account has been added
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed a rare issue where Sendcloud would overwrite custom shipping method settings in Webship Online


  • Added basic sender address support to shipping methods


  • Fixed an issue where the remote order CSV import would fail to import a line in rare cases


  • Fixed an issue which caused the product data transfer for Shopify stores to ignore products without a barcode


  • Fractioned reservations: will fix the fact that every order for a fraction will always reserve the required whole items from its source to fulfill the order
  • Potential stock for compositions will now show the available stock after reservations instead of the total stock in the warehouse. This number now also corresponds with what is communicated to connected e-commerce platforms
  • Pick count and unit is now included in imports/exports for products
  • Fixed the fact that the sync stock button was no longer shown on product detail views
  • Fixed real-time updates of product stock while creating/editing orders
  • It’s now possible to make compositions of just one SKU. This allows for selling multiples of an SKU as its separate SKU.
  • Other small fixes


  • Shopify 2-WAY communication
    • Ability to pull all product data into Webship Online
    • Changes to a products stock in Webship Online will now also be sent to Shopify
    • Ability to pull all recent order data into Webship Online
    • Orders that are completed in Webship Online will now also be fulfilled on the Shopify side and tracking information will be added
    • Ability to choose what happens to products on the Shopify store when they are deleted in Webship Online


  • Product types addon
    • Ability to create compositions and derivatives from basic products as well as virtual products
    • Decimals are no longer supported in quantities (you can get around this by setting an appropriate picking unit if needed)
    • “::” and “||” signs are no longer allowed in product SKUs
  • Changes to products imports/exports
    • products export will now contain data needed for product types such as type, has_stock, composition_children, derivative_parent and fraction
    • products export will now only contain backorder lines when there are backorder reservations
  • Changes to orders imports/exports
    • orders export will show a fraction when needed
    • orders export will now only show specific pick data such as expiry date, location, … when the order was completed as this data is not set in stone before this point
    • orders exports will now contain tracking links instead of tracking numbers
  • Added French and German versions of the app
  • Tons of improvements to the tasks system
  • will now be used as a backup in case we can’t find a better tracking link instead of as the default
  • Fixes to duplicating products
  • Fixed an issue when splitting order in some cases
  • Fixes and improvements to the products ABC labeling system
  • Creating a new order will now respect any shop filter you may have set on the orders index view
  • Performance optimizations to large CSV exports
  • Various optimizations to picking and packing prints
  • Code refactoring


  • Replaced the shop id in shipping labels with a more readable “shop tag” (e.g.: [ShopName-YCW8])


  • Account for the newly introduced 35 character limit on the order_number field on PostNL shipping labels


  • Automatically select barcode scans and pastes in lookup controls when they only yield one result


  • Made it possible to connect to the Shopify API through both the (now deprecated) “private apps” system and the new “custom apps” system


  • Forced sorting in WooCommerce products calls to fix a missing products issue during products data transfer


  • Removed the hard cap on amount of records that could be exported to CSV


  • Fixed the file pointer when using remote order csv through sftp


  • Minor improvements to user session duration and handling
  • Minor changes to admin shipping rates importer


  • Fixed an issue when webhooks for unsupported actions were sent to Webship Online
  • Fixed an issue when gathering e-mail addresses for the Webship Online Daily
  • Merry Christmas!


  • Better dashboard graph predictions
  • Fixed the button to manually resend enrollment e-mails to new members
  • Fixed a bug that effectively disabled the remote FTP export addon
  • Fixed a remote FTP order import encoding issue


  • More tolerant towards not-so-secure FTP servers during remote CSV orders import
  • Fixed an issue that caused corrupt connections to on products
  • Fixed an issue pushing big stock amounts to


  • Fixed dashboard graphs


  • Fixed an issue matching clients without VAT or e-mail information during imports
  • Fixed an issue cancelling orders in Webship Online when they were cancelled in


  • Fixed issue while updating shipping methods
  • Fixed an issue while trying to sync stock to WooCommerce in certain cases


  • Added ABC analysis feature
  • Added the Tasks feature (currently in beta)
  • A bunch of integration improvements
  • Orders that are cancelled in Webship Online will now also be cancelled in
  • Trashed orders in Webship Online will no longer be created anew when coming in from an e-commerce connection
  • It’s now possible to set order filters on the shop view for market place integrations (i.e.
  • Ground work for public facing API
  • Various fixes and improvements behind the scenes
  • Changes to the server schedule to synchronize e-commerce connections without webhooks as close to the hour as possible. The new schedule looks like this:
    Magento Every hour Every hour + 5 minutes
    Shopify Every hour + 10 minutes
    Woocommerce Every hour + 15 minutes
    lightspeed Every hour + 20 minutes
    Remote CSV import Every hour + 30 minutes


  • Remote CSV order sync will no longer abort after too many errors.


  • New server schedule
    • E-commerce platform integrations will now do an order synchronisation every hour
    • Integrations that lack the ability to set up webhooks or are missing webhook credentials will do an additional sync every half hour
    • The 10 minute grace period has been removed (orders will be imported by a sync as soon as they are available, without having to wait for 10 minutes)
    • Remote CSV import (through SFTP, FTP or HTTP) only happens every hour


LightspeedEvery hour
MagentoEvery hour + 5 minutes
ShopifyEvery hour + 10 minutes
WoocommerceEvery hour + 15 minutes
Bol.comEvery hour + 20 minutes
Remote CSV importEvery hour + 30 minutes

Additional synchronisations happen 30 minutes after the initial time slot. E.g.: A Woocommerce integration without webhook credentials will synchronize orders at hour + 15 and hour + 45 minutes.

Synchronisations will never happen between 21h and 22h. This is our window to perform server maintenance.


  • Introduced a integration
    • Order synchronisation
    • Stock synchronisation
    • Order status synchronisation (when completing orders) and tracking number pushes
  • Small additions to reports
  • Better dashboard graph predictions
  • Duplicating a product will now also copy its barcode
  • Order notes fields have been repurposed in order to create internal notes and end-client notes
  • Added orders with status picking count to the dashboard


  • Fixed an issue where manual picks were overwritten when altering the order items on an order


  • Fixed printing of picking and packing slips


  • Added a prototype connection.
    • This is still a bare-bones connection which only pulls in new open orders. Shops that are currently connecting to through the Woosa Plugin should continue to do so. This connection is solely for shops where the Woosa plugin is not an option.
  • Added support for SFTP to both remote order CSV import for shops and the FTP order export addon
  • Fixed dashboard chart prediction issues
  • Fixed weight difference display on the packing view
  • Fixed addon enabling/disabling
  • Fixed some unsaved-changes warnings
  • Fixed expired shipping method cleanup on the admin dashboard
  • Improvements to the barcode scanner listener


  • Various improvements to the dripping bucket system for order webhooks and order synchronisation


  • All incoming data will now be handled through a dripping bucket principle to guarantee server stability and data uniqueness
  • Concept orders will no longer show picks as their availability can not be guaranteed when the order reaches ready-to-pick status
  • Packing slips will now also show the external order reference
  • It’s now possible to search for product names on the purchase order list
  • The purchase order list will now offer a view option to show the supplier’s country
  • Duplicated orders will now have the duplicator (user that duplicated) as their creator
  • Fixes an issue where custom order items in Shopify orders would result in an error


  • Fixed a bug where duplicated products would have their times_sold set to 9000 upon creation


  • Added a shipping type switch on the packing screen (sales orders)
  • The unpacking screen (purchase orders) will now notify the user about missing product data
  • The unpacking screen will now allow the user to continue without having to review all remaining order items
  • Added a product image preview to the unpacking screen
  • A shops connection to its e-commerce platform can now be disabled without having to delete credentials
  • Better and more stats on the dashboard
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed an issue where managing order items of existing orders was impossible


  • Reimplemented a loading overlay for data-heavy views
  • Fixed navigating between addons
  • Fixed scrolling on the dashboard on mobile devices
  • Fixed the company logo upload button
  • Fixed datalist controls UI on viewports vertically smaller than 640px
  • Fixed an issue when cloning some products (invalid prefill data)
  • Fixed an issue where the SKU box on cloned products was disabled leaving the user with no way to edit the clone’s SKU
  • Improvements to how barcodes are rendered on product views
  • Fixed an issue where changing order item quantities on existing orders would erroneously result in backordered items
  • Faster and improved results in product/client/supplier suggestions
  • Fixed an issue where too many decimals were being sent to Sendcloud resulting in an error
  • Errors returned by Sendcloud will now be displayed as-is to the packer
  • Fixed an issue where stock corrections would sometimes not be recorded correctly when doing them on a mobile device
  • Fixed an issue where Shopify orders could have two or more order items for the same SKU
  • The FTP order export addon will now update the status of the addon on its settings view when something goes wrong
  • Small improvements to the global app search
  • Fixed an issue where warehouse resource stock would not be put back when updating/deleting resource usage on an order
  • Added the ability to set an e-mail address on a shop, that e-mail address will be used for an orders’ parcels when said order doesn’t not have an e-mail address filled in.


  • Fixed an issue when sending packages outside of the EU
  • Fixed an issue exporting products without filters


  • Fixed an issue where packing a specific order in manual mode would get stuck after completing the order


  • Fixed scrolling of the dashboard on some mobile browsers
  • Fixed default view options for the products datalist
  • Fixed Magento 2 order synchronisation

2.0.0 🎉​

  • Updated User Interface
    • Clearer fonts and borders to help with the poor lighting conditions of some warehouse environments
    • Better information density on views with a lot of data
    • Collapsable navigation to make room for what really matters
    • New sheets system to allow for more information depth and fewer interruptions
    • New loading indicator (top of screen) that won’t get in the way of power users
    • Reworked most page transitions for better client side performance
    • Collapsable button bar on mobile so user can engage with order/product/client/supplier information faster
  • New datalist controls
    • Ability to apply multiple filters to a list
    • Ability to include or exclude the selected filter(s)
    • A few extra filter options
    • Ability to select which fields you want to see in your list
    • Better import/export UI
    • Import errors will now be listed when an import fails
  • Global barcode scan listener (previously only available on dashboard)
  • Reworked admin dashboard
  • Status dropdowns on order views will now hightlight the next logical status
  • Added a server connection status warning
  • Moved company user management into the settings view
  • Added the ability to take digitally picked orders directly to the packing screen
  • Added the ability to see which products prevent a total purchase order cost calculation
  • Added the ability to filter product suggestions on trade name when composing a purchase order
  • Better pick totals on picking slips (shows how many items to pick in total from a given location)
  • Synchronisations with Magento platforms will happen more often now because they are missing webhooks
  • Server specific peripherals are now possible
  • Tons of other small bug fixes and quality of life improvements

Release notes for earlier versions have been archived

Of bekijk onze uitgebreide walkthrough video waarin we stap voor stap door de applicatie gaan!